Life can definitely be a beach! There’s no denying it, pristine beaches, rolling waves, luxury sea-view hotels, chic city resorts on the coast, plus copious amounts of sunshine, all make for a seriously relaxing beach holiday. And at up to 60% off the price you’d pay anywhere else, there's no need to search elsewhere for that bargain beach break.

If the weather is a paler shade of grey and you’re ready for a good book and an idyllic setting, then why not consider catching a little winter sun on a boutique hotel break in Greece or an over-water villa in the paradise of the Maldives?

The Secret Escapes team negotiate reduced rates at luxurious seaside hotels around the world; from last-minute luxury holidays in four and five-star all-inclusive resorts in destinations such as Turkey, Tenerife and Thailand to deluxe, long-haul tropical island getaways like Mauritius, the Seychelles and the Maldives. Scroll down to see our latest beach holiday deals.

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