Follow three journeys as they take the road less travelled...



Discover a journey on the M1 with a difference: we challenged three couples to be bold, head off the motorway and discover unique - and sometimes daring - experiences that would otherwise be passed by. Discover their journeys in the All-New Toyota C-HR. Which roadtrip will you follow?

Sameed & Mahroof

Lovers of the great outdoors, best friends Sameed & Mahroof are typically found escaping Birmingham for some far-away mountain. Sameed runs mountaineering workshops dedicated to introducing BAME people to the experience, whilst Mahroof introduces groups of all ages to the joys of outdoor adventures.

Will & Alice

Will & Alice connected over a shared passion for wildlife photography and travel. Based in Scotland, the pair are often found hiking some remote glen in search of a prized photograph and wild encounter.

Jenny & laura

Best friends Jenny & Laura run Sew Confident together, a dressmakers in Glasgow. Often found piling through fabrics and textiles, they love all things colourful and crafty. From making bespoke dresses to running masterclasses, discover the start of their journey here.