From cathedrals to coastlines: the ultimate weekend in North Yorkshire

With its acres of rolling hills, picture-perfect market towns and unspoiled coastline, it’s little surprise that Yorkshire has long held the moniker ‘God’s Own Country’. Split into four distinct sub-counties, you could easily spend weeks hopping from city to country and back again without even scratching the surface, but if you’re looking for a neatly packaged weekend away, North Yorkshire is a great place to start.

Secret guide to: must-see destinations in Oxfordshire

Although one of Oxfordshire’s most alluring destinations is its capital, the City of Dreaming Spires is just the tip of its appeal. Yes, the honey-stoned buildings of Christ Church and Trinity College ooze grandeur, but there’s another pull towards this characterful county. Sitting merrily in the Cotswolds, you’ll find sprinklings of ivy-clad cottages, churches and abbeys with a notable history and some of the finest British food around. Grab the keys and start your engine, and roar into the Cotswolds to see these prettily perfect villages for yourself…

15 of Britain’s best wild swimming spots and waterfalls

Seeking out a natural swimming experience is well worth its rewards; find yourself immersed in nature (quite literally), sometimes with a seclusion synonymous with far-flung island idylls, rather than rural-England walks. There is no way of letting loose quite like wild swimming, and Britain is host to a variety of wild swimming spots, catering for all manner of bathers between them.