Chasing Prague – a traveller’s account

I stood watching Kafka’s face metamorph, glistening, from something recognisable to something wholly the opposite; layer by layer, David Černý’s playful ode to the city’s greatest writer perfectly captured the absurdity of the writer’s prose. I was in Prague and up to this point was rather taken aback at the city’s beauty; to give birth to such existential angst in a young Kafka, to be … Continue reading Chasing Prague – a traveller’s account

Secret guide to: Venice

A seemingly impossible, wholly mystifying destination, Venice sits resplendent in a moody lagoon. The audacious Venetians built palaces of marble, hiding labyrinthine streets and creating a unique culture that still permeates everyday life. From the rich offerings of the lagoon providing a feast of seafood, to the secrecy and opulence of the Baroque Carnivale and the pioneering Renaissance publications of the Ghetto, Venice has always … Continue reading Secret guide to: Venice

A snapshot of Bruges

Bruges is a beguiling medieval delight, a chocolate-box town filled with romantic scenes at every turn. It’s one of Europe’s best-preserved, old-world centres, a step-back-in-time, with an indulgent lifestyle to tap into and hidden depths that dive into a world of art and craftsmanship. Under the shadow of the (leaning!) Belfry, discover a maze of medieval streets, marvel at magnificent architecture, take a boat trip … Continue reading A snapshot of Bruges

Amsterdam city guide: where to shop, eat, stay and more

It could be said that Amsterdam holds the key to idyllic laid-back living. From minimalist coffee hangouts to hip boutiques, grand canal houses to some of the world’s greatest artworks, the city is an endless treasure trove of secrets and it’s the perfect size for a weekend break – much to explore but not overwhelming. Amsterdam always has its loyal visitors running (or peddling) back … Continue reading Amsterdam city guide: where to shop, eat, stay and more

Island-hopping around the Caribbean

Is there anywhere on the planet more synonymous with paradise than the Caribbean? A tumble of islets and cays between Florida and Venezuela, this beauteous region evokes images of powder-soft sands, absurdly clear waters, good humoured locals and a no-worries vibe. Some of the world’s best thriving reefs are here, not to mention acres of virgin rainforest to swing through and hidden waterfalls to clamber … Continue reading Island-hopping around the Caribbean

Corsica’s natural beauty is an enviable sight

Corsica is one of the most naturally beautiful islands in the Mediterranean. Wild forests and jutting mountains dominate the interior, but where the land meets the sea, gorgeous beaches await. Discover what each can offer below, for a truly beguiling outdoor escape. The Interior Corsica is a sublime landscape for outdoor lovers. Though the beaches may get plenty attention, the mountains, river valleys and ancient … Continue reading Corsica’s natural beauty is an enviable sight

Road-trip guide: Cornwall

This land of irresistible coastal villages and gorgeous outdoor spectacles makes for a truly inspiring road trip. Hug the coastline and explore the affectionately-named English Riviera, before heading north for enchanting castles and secluded beaches… Cawsand & Kingsand Begin your Cornish adventure with one of the finest secrets on the stunning southern coastline. From Plymouth, cross into Cornwall on the Torpoint Ferry. The Rame Peninsula … Continue reading Road-trip guide: Cornwall

Road-trip guide: Scottish Highlands

Scotland’s North Coast 500 is one of Britain’s most famous and remote road trips. Tracing the coastline of the Highlands, it is quite possibly one of the most beautiful routes in the country, with unmissable roads trailing through an utterly spellbinding landscape. Inverness Inverness marks the start, and end, of your Highland adventure. Sat on the river Ness, it’s a picturesque starting point with a … Continue reading Road-trip guide: Scottish Highlands

Discover the flavours of Provence

Explore the region’s fine foodie offerings, for a taste of the Provençal life. From iconic wine regions to farm-to-table produce, Provence is a coveted destination for foodie travellers. Local Flavours Provençal cuisine is a rich helping of vibrant colours and tastes, borne out of verdant farmland that offers rich pickings at local markets. Fresh ingredients are a staple of the region’s cooking, where some of … Continue reading Discover the flavours of Provence

The Neighbour­hoods of New Orleans

Discover the neighbourhoods of New Orleans through the eyes of editor Oliver Jones. “New Orleans has always been shrouded in mystery; swampy daydreams of voodoo and jazz, that whole Creole thing that sticks in the dialect and flavours the food, the spontaneous musical gatherings and serendipitous encounters with colourful locals – it’s no wonder there’s such tangible pride in this city. New Orleans is built … Continue reading The Neighbour­hoods of New Orleans